Romance Author Susan Frances

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My first romance novel
The King Maker is available in print and ebook formats from Champagne Books found here: 

Story Blurb:
When American pilot Steve McKenna is murdered, he takes with him secrets about an international crime ring. Secrets that he only reveals to his friend Cullen Danes, an investigator for the British Aviation Ministry. Cullen is determined to find his friend's killer, but his life is put in danger when the crime ring's operatives learn he knows secrets that can expose them. When Cullen meets Nina Holt, a hostess at the International Aviation Convention, he finds he must depend on her to save his life in more ways than one. 

Together, they uncover a labyrinth of illicit activities that involves government officials, financial institutions and global industrialists. The dangerous circumstances test Cullen’s and Nina's mettle, but the true test comes when they to take a giant leap of faith. Torn between jumping into the unknown and remaining in a static position, Nina has to decide whether to take the biggest risk of her life or let this once in a lifetime chance go by, that is if the King Maker does not have them killed. 


Cullen spun around when he heard a single gunshot echo through the woods. He turned towards the direction of the blast, a nearby thicket of trees. He ducked behind the passenger side of the car. Nina opened her door and slouched down beside him. 
“What the hell was that?” She sputtered. 
“I don’t know. It sounded like gun shot.” He glanced around the rear of the car and saw the shaft of an arrow sticking out of the left rear tire. He moved back towards Nina and slowly opened the passenger side door reaching into the back seat. He shuffled around searching for the flashlight that he had purchased earlier. 
“Stay here,” he demanded. 
“No way,” she protested. “If you think I’m going to let you go out there with only a flashlight for a weapon, you’re insane.” 
In that moment something came over him. His right hand cupped the back of her head and he pressed her face up towards his. They were so close he could feel her breath brush across his cheeks. His mouth slanted over hers with the impact of a rushing tide. She closed her eyes as he kissed her, seething with the passion of a man who is about to meet his maker, desiring one last taste of carnal delight. His tongue fondled her lips with an eagerness he refused to contain. Her mouth opened giving him license to slip inside her warm cove, licking the walls of her mouth.  Her scent filled his nostrils as he basked in her softness.
“That was more than a sample of what I imagine doing to you,” he confided. “Now, stay here until I return.” 
“But…”, her argument was cut off by Cullen gently pressing his index finger to her lips to keep her silent.

“I promise I will be careful,” he vowed. “Besides, I have a damn good reason to return.” 
He winked at her before slinking away. He ran across the road heading for the brush of trees where the sound of gunfire projected, using his flashlight to make a path of flickers to illuminate his way. He had to force himself not to look back at Nina. Her worried look would’ve persuaded him to stay by her side. What was he doing out here anyway? Was he making the right decision leaving Nina all alone on the side of the road?