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May/June 2015 issue of BTS emag

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BTS Anniversary Party

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BTS Anniversary Party

April 22 -24, 2015

Btsemag is coming up on its 3rd year Anniversary. The Anniversary Party will be held in April April 22-24th. We would love to have you come over and participate. We will have games and prizes.

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March/April 2015 BTS Emag

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January/February 2015 issue of BTS emag

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Best of 2014 Giveaway Hop

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This hop is offiicially over.  Thank you for participating in the Best of 2014 Giveaway Hop.  All winners have received their prizes.  Please keep checking my website for future blog hops.

Welcome to the Best of 2014 Giveaway Hop hosted by the teams at I Am A Reader Not A Writer, Bookhounds, and Bookhounds YA. This blog will be going on from December 11 to 18, 2014 and feature a number of great romance novels which came out in 2014 so open your minds to the world of romantic fiction.

I have to admit, 2014 was a slow year for me as far as finding meaningful and exciting stories that kept me awake past my bedtime. Many of the heroes lacked courage and sensuality and most of the heroines were whiny and uninspiring, but occasionally I came across stories that moved me, took me into the lives of characters who taught me about their culture and their period in time.


Erica Monroe’s full-length romance Secrets in Scarlett, the second book in her Rookery Rogues series, has a gallant hero and an independent heroine who touches audience’s hearts. Not only are the characters stimulating but the plot is enthralling taking readers into the world of the industrial revolution which swept across England through the mid-19th century. It’s a book that I couldn’t put down until I finished.


Other stories which made a lasting impact on me this year have been novellas, some of which have been part of romantic anthologies.


Enchanted by an Emerald features seven stories, each about a magic emerald that brings lovers together. Catherine Kean’s impetuous tale about a proper lady who falls in love with a roguish stranger in A Knight to Remember, and Mimi Wells’s Fortune’s Fool about a down on her luck lady who crosses paths with a mysterious man are two of my favorite reads this year.


Border Brotherhood contains three novellas written by critically acclaimed authors Claire Delacroix, Kathryn Le Veque, and Suzan Tisdale. This is my favorite anthology of the 2014 with three individual stories that take readers into the grips of Medieval England. Where heroes are fierce warriors and heroines are brave lasses protective of their loved ones and committed to their principles. These are the characters that inspire readers to love, live and take chances.


What was your favorite book of 2014? Post your comment to enter a chance to win the Kindle version of Enchanted by an Emerald. You can double your chances by clicking on the follow by blog link. Good luck and have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year. You can continue along the blog hop by clicking on one of the links below.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Champagne Books

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials

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November/December 2014 Issue of BTS emag

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November/December 2014 Issue of BTS emag available for free here:

September/October 2014 Issue of BTS Emag Available for Free

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September/October 2014 issue of BTS emagavailable for free here:


discover New York Times and USA TodayBestselling author Dianne Duvall shares with us about her Immortal Guardian’sparanormal romance series. Join us as we chat with Dianne about her work, thentake a sneak peek at Night Unbound, the latest in her popular series.

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Giveaways at Romantic Historical Reviews

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Expires Aug. 10, 2014

Any ebook by Victoria Vane:


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Give Away at Romantic Historical Reviews

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Enter the Rafflecopter at Romantic Historical Reviews to win a free copy of Melanie Kerr’s novel Follies Past.  The contest ends at 11pm on July 18, 2014.


Before there was a single man in possession of a good fortune at Netherfield, there was a single man in want of a wife in London. His name was Wickham and he was bent on marrying himself into as much wealth as he might contrive, preferably to the detriment of the man who had destroyed all his prospects in life – the man known as Darcy of Pemberley. In Pride and Prejudice, everything hinges on a letter which Mr. Darcy gives Elizabeth – a letter setting forth all his dealings with Mr. Wickham. These facts, supplied by Austen herself, are at the heart of Follies Past. The novel begins at Pemberley, at Christmas, almost a year before the opening of Pride and Prejudice. It follows young Georgiana Darcy to London, to Ramsgate and to the brink of a perilous elopement. Upon opening the pages of Follies Past, readers will begin to feel as though it was penned by the masterful hand of Jane Austen herself. Crafted with all the skill of a trained linguist, this jaunty excursion into a flawless Regency England gives readers all the joys, the wit, and the drama of their beloved Pride and Prejudice. Existing characters are just as Austen wrote them, and the story, the manners, even the syntax all conform to her standards and idioms. As well as some exciting new characters and a sweet and touching new love story, readers will discover delightful surprises from more minor characters such as Anne de Bourgh and Mrs. Younge. The prefect prequel to England’s favourite book, this is a novel for true Austen fans.